Anger Management Services

These services support the following family/parent needs; anger expression in all family members, child development, family and domestic violence, family conflict, family stressors and child abuse.

Affinity offers anger management classes and individual therapy services. These services are are only offered on Monday evenings.  Anger Management services include;  improving self/impulse control, developing effective communication skills, Role modeling and Positive parenting techniques, Child abuse and prevention psycho-education regarding punishment and discipline, understanding parental frustrations, triggers, addressing ineffective thinking patterns, managing stress, emotional express of difficult emotions and communication styles.

Session Costs

Anger Management costs is $35 per class, Classes are 12 - 16 weeks, 60 -75  minutes. 

Individual therapy sessions are $65- $125 per session, based on sliding scale.  Individual sessions require 6 therapy sessions, and require 2 pro-rated 75 minute assessment sessions. Discounts are provided for participants that pay all fees at the start of sessions. 

To register for this class simply click the contact box Below, please send the "Class name, and your full name to register for the class. These Classes are Saturday evenings 's 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm, next class date is Saturday October 20th, you must register by Friday October 12th by 5:00 pm . You must complete all classes to receive a certificate. Please contact David Grayson . To schedule a phone consultation you can also call (209) 584-6218 .