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I'm Brandy Jones-Thomas, Owner and Licensed Clinician at Kindred Counseling, Inc. I have more than 10 years’ experience in mental wellness as a therapist. I hope the information provided on our website has given you an idea of what your therapeutic journey to recovery and wellness may look like. Therapy is not a "quick fix" however the experience of the therapeutic relationship can give you solutions to some of life's tough questions. The first step, has already been taken. Please take one more step and contact me today to start your journey.

My office hours are Tuesday & Thursday  3:00pm to 6:00pm and Friday 9:00am to 112:00pm. I am available by appointment only, I no longer accept Anthem PPO or HMO, effective July 15th, 2019.  

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Sliding Scale Fees are offered by Associated only

​*Sliding scale fees are based on your income assessed by Owner, currently sliding scales services are provided by Therapist Associates. Associate Therapists are supervised by Brandy S. Jones-Thomas, LMFT#82210.*


Fees for Therapy Services: 

Initial intake session 75- 90 minutes $125-145 (Pro-rated based on session costs)

Individual counseling (50 minutes)
•    Infant/Toddler 30-40 minute sessions $85 - $125 
•    Child $95 - $135  
•    Adolescent $95 - $135
•    Adult $105 - $135

Couples Counseling: 

 Includes Pre-Marital or Marital Counseling (60-75 minutes)
 $115- $165

Co-Parenting: * insurance is not accepted. for mandated Co-parenting sessions* Therapist Associates do not meet requirements to provide court mandated Co-parenting therapy sessions

 Session costs split by participants, usually 50 minutes. If you require more intensive session, 60, 75 and 90 minutes sessions are pro-rated based on your session costs. 
 $130- $165

Family Reunification Therapy services (60-75 minutes)

$135- $175 *Insurance currently not accepted for this service at this time.*

Assessment reports are based on session costs. 

Family Therapy: 60-90 minutes depending on family size
$135 - $165

Youth Group Poetry or Hip Hop Therapy:

$25 per session/per group

6-8 weeks

8 Week Parenting Education Classes: 
Co-Parenting and Parenting (all ages) class $25.00- 35.00  per participant/per Class, this is a 8 week class.

12- 16 Week Anger Management Classes and/or Individual Therapy Services

Anger management Group is not currently being offered. 

Certificates provided at the end of all classes. 

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I am David, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I have 5+ years working with adolescents and adults in school, hospital, and in custody settings. I am a Solutions Focused Brief Therapist. I am trained in CBT, DBT, and Intensive Behavioral Therapies. I consider myself an LGBTQ positive therapist with a focus on gender dysphoria and pansexuality.

I currently offer Anger Management groups/classes and individual Therapy services. Contact me to set an appointment. I currently accept sliding scale fees. My direct number is 209) 584-6218 

See Available Appointments

Hello, I'm Norma, and Associated Professional Clinical Counselor. I specialize in working with Individuals and adolescents. I have worked with various cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. I offer support for school adjustments, history of trauma/abuse, coping skills, anxiety and depression. I am also certified trainer in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

I have four years of experience in Mental Health Wellness and School Based Counseling. I offer a client centered approach: specializing in working with individuals, adolescents and children on personal growth, life, and fostering healthy social relationships and life skills. My goal is to provide a safe and culturally sensitive environment where clients can grow.

Contact me to set an appointment. My direct number is (916) 509-9707

Resources for Crisis or Immediate Mental Health Support


  • Suicide Prevention Crisis Line (916) 368-3111 


  • Sacramento Child Access Team 916 875-9980/ Sacramento Adult Acces Team 916 875-1055



  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline                                 
    1 (800) 273-TALK (800-273-8255)


  • Mental Health Crisis Center
    (916) 732-3637


  • Minor Emergency Response Team (MERT)
    (916) 875-1113 or (916) 875-1114


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