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Meet Our Therapists
Licensed Clinician
Mrs. Brandy Jones-Thomas, MA, LMFT #82210

If you are seeking a therapeutic relationship with me, it's helpful to have insight into the reasons and needs you have. It's also helpful for you to understand the level of commitment and motivation to make short or long term changes. I offer a relatable, mindful and direct approach that most Clients report as non-judgmental and open in our therapeutic relationship. I strongly believe in individualized therapy services and Clients often report a new self-awareness while on the therapeutic journey together. I support diversity in all forms which includes the LGBTQ community and any marginalized population.

I specialize in working with Parents, Couples, Individuals, Adolescents and Children ages 2 to 5 years old. I have worked with various cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. I offer support for work stress, blended family issues, Parenting, school adjustments, history of trauma/abuse, coping skills, relationship counseling, anxiety issues and depression.

12 years experience in Mental wellness and Counseling. I have worked as a Social Worker for Foster Youth and I have spent the last 8 years providing therapy and specialized mental health services in the community to at risk families, children, and adolescents. I offer expressive arts (Poetry & Hip Hop).

Therapist Associates
David Grayson, AMFT #85548

I have 5+ years working with adolescents and adults in school, hospital, and in custody settings. I am a Solutions Focused Brief Therapist. I am trained in CBT, DBT, and Intensive Behavioral Therapies. I consider myself an LGBTQ positive therapist with a focus on gender dysphoria and pansexuality.

"Teamwork makes the dream work." Meeting life's difficulties alone can be overwhelming. Together let's discover the beauty and purpose of our inner struggles. By doing so as a team we can share the burden of past failures and shed the pain that paves the way for our future success. Obstacles in our path are only there to make us stronger. Lifes distressing moments are only that a moment. Our job is to not always avoid these events but to endure them while not making them worst.

I currently offer Anger Management groups/classes and individual Therapy services.

Norma C .jpg
Norma Cabrera, APCC #2633

I'm here to support clients who are ready for guidance and interested in seeking a therapeutic relationship with me.

I specialize in working with Individuals and adolescents. I have worked with various cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. I offer support for school adjustments, history of trauma/abuse, coping skills, anxiety and depression. I am also certified trainer in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

I have three years of experience in Mental Health Wellness and School Based Counseling. I offer a client centered approach: specializing in working with individuals, adolescents and children on personal growth, life, and fostering healthy social relationships and life skills. My goal is to provide a safe and culturally sensitive environment where clients can grow.

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